Ecological Hand Sanitizer with Conditioning Aloe - 300ml

Ecological Hand Sanitizer with Conditioning Aloe - 300ml
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This Benzethonium Chloride formulation, developed with Health Canada (DIN 02498138), contains no alcohol and kills 99.9% of bacteria. Presenting the same level of effectiveness as alcohol-based sanitizers, while not dehydrating skin, this will protect your hands even after drying.

Benzethonium Chloride is a wide spectrum antibacterial ammonium compound that kills and inhibits future growth of micro-organisms, making it a highly effective sanitizing agent. EcoLogical is a safer alternative to alcohol-based sanitizers as it is less toxic if accidentally ingested and non-flammable.

Canadian-made and paraben-free this formulation also contains soothing Aloe to provide skin moisturization along with protection.

This Product is approved by Health Canada to fight Covid-19. Source. (NPN #02498138)

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